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A stronger Europe in the world

One of the European Commission's 2019-2024 priorities


Arts and creativity for peace and stability

The European Commission aims to reinforce Europe’s role as a global leader by setting ambitious goals on a wide range of policy areas, from open and fair trade to tackling the climate crisis, security and defence.

By making one of its core priorities the development of a stronger Europe in the world, the European Commission wants to strengthen Europe’s relations with its partners and near neighbours to the south and east, in the interests of peace, security and stability.

The European Commission Creative Europe programme offers innovative opportunities to develop this priority through its support to the audiovisual, cultural and creative sector. Two of the programme’s projects give a taste of the range and impact of its initiatives.


Europe in the world projects

World Cinema Fund Europe

Europe boasts a massive and globally recognised wealth of film-making talent in Europe.

World Cinema Fund (WCF) Europe helps European production companies to boost their international profile, especially those from countries that are new to co-production.

World Cinema Fund Europe project details

Reading the Balkans

The Balkans is one of the most socially dynamic regions of the world, having become a territory of transition for refugees.

Reading the Balkans enables writers from the region to concentrate on writing, through residencies and festivals, and to reach a wider audience through translation. It also recognises the presence of refugee writers as a new resource to be valued.

Reading the Balkans project details