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Call for individual mobility of artists and cultural professionals

31 May 2023

Who can apply for the individual mobility action?

The individual mobility action is open for all artists and cultural professionals who are legal residents of the Creative Europe countries and at least 18 years old. What counts is not your nationality, but your country of legal residence.

Find a list of all Creative Europe countries

The individual mobility action covers the sectors of architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, literary translation, music, performing arts and visual arts. No matter if you are an established artist or taking your first steps into the cultural sphere, we support your ideas, creativity, and connections.

What projects are supported through the individual mobility action?  

You can apply with a proposal to carry out a project with a partner of your choice in a Creative Europe country which is not your country of residence.

The project should pursue one of the following goals:   

  • to explore: To explore Europe’s rich cultural heritage to inform, direct or inspire your creativity
  • to create: To co-create or co-develop art with artists or cultural professionals from other countries
  • to learn: To participate in non-formal learning
  • to connect: To develop or deepen your international professional relationships

 The partner can be, for example, a fellow artist, an organisation or a venue in your country of destination. An invitation letter, meeting confirmation, co-production agreement or similar document is accepted as proof for your partnership.

You can apply either as an individual or as a group of up to 5 persons.   

  • if you are an individual, you can travel for a duration of 7 to 60 days
  • groups can travel from 7 to 21 days

Please note that you or your group can only travel to one single destination and that your mobility cannot be interrupted.

Important: Culture Moves Europe cannot be used to only present your work in a professional setting (for example to travel to an exhibition, concert or performance).

What support is provided exactly?

The Culture Moves Europe individual mobility action offers mobility grants that are composed of a travel allowance, a daily allowance and individual top-ups. The grants are calculated individually for each grantee, based on their project and personal situation.

The travel allowance differs depending on your travel distance and means of transportation. The distance between your place of residence and your place of destination is calculated automatically in the online application process. Check the distance calculator for reference information.

Daily allowance

The daily allowance is a standard amount of €75 per day and per grantee. It can be used for accommodation, food, local transport, or renting equipment – how you spend it is entirely up to you!

Travel allowance

Travel distance less than 600 km

Standard amount: €350

Travelling by airplane is not permitted. It is only possible in justified expections:

  • for persons with disabilities
  • if you travel from/to an island with no ferry connections
  • due to a force majeure or grave personal circumstances

Travel distance 600 - 5,000 km

Standard amount: €350

You can choose whether you travel by airplane or another means of transportation.

Green top-up: €350

If you travel by any means of transportation except airplane.

Travel distance 5,001 km and more

Standard amount: €700

You can choose whether you travel by airplane or another means of transportation.

Green top-up: €350

If you travel by any means of transportation except airplane.

(If you travel by airplane, Culture Moves Europe will pay a contribution to the CO2 compensation fund Atmosfair on your behalf).


The top-ups are based on grantees’ individual situations. They are provided in addition to travel allowance and daily allowance. The amounts are fixed and can be added cumulatively. Proof for each top-up is requested.

Green top-up: €350

If you don't travel by airplane. Only applicable for distances of 600 km or more.

OCTs and ORs top-ups: €150

For travelling to or from Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions.

Visa top-up: €80

For expenses related to visa processes.

Disability top-up: up to 100% of travel and daily allowance

Budget to be agreed with the Culture Moves Europe team according to individual needs.

Family top-up: €100

Support for persons with children below the age of 10. The amount is fixed, regardless of the number of children.

Though the mobility scheme is designed to enable physical mobility across Europe and beyond, applicants who legally reside in Ukraine or want to implement a project with a Ukraine-based partner exceptionally have the option to apply for a virtual mobility. 

What are the selection criteria?

The application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:  

  • Does the project fulfil one of Culture Moves Europe's objectives and allow the applicant to explore, create, learn or connect internationally?  
  • Is the mobility necessary to achieve the desired outcome of the project?
  • Has the project been sufficiently planned and prepared with the international partner? Is the requested duration necessary to achieve the goal of the project?
  • Does the project take sustainability into consideration, e.g., through green transportation or the use of sustainable materials?  
  • Will the mobility have a long-term beneficial impact, e.g., for the applicant's professional development or the community where the project takes place?

Timeline and application process

Culture Moves Europe’s individual mobility action offers three rolling calls, each running from autumn to spring between October 2022 and January 2025. The first rolling call was open from 10 October 2022 until 31 May 2023.The next call will open in October 2023.

You can travel any time in the 12 months after you have signed your grant agreement. This means that you can depart immediately after the signature. However, we recommend that you apply at least three months before you would like to begin your mobility.

Within two weeks after the end of your mobility, you will have to fill out an activity report, which is an online questionnaire similar to the application form. With the report, you will have to upload documents proving your mobility took place, such as transportation tickets, visa requests, hotel reservations etc.

All processes of Culture Moves Europe are carried out in English, including application, contract and activity report. However, your language skills are not rated in the project evaluation and you are welcome to make use of an online translation tool if this may help you.

Please note that you can only apply once in every rolling call period and that you can only receive one Culture Moves Europe grant under the Individual Mobility Action. 

How to apply?

Culture Moves Europe is implemented by the Goethe-Institut on behalf of the European Commission. To apply, please read the call document below and apply through the Goethe Application Portal:

For a better understanding impression of the application process, please find below a template of the online application form. Please note that it cannot be used to apply for Culture Moves Europe. If you would like to submit an application, please visit the Goethe Application Portal.

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Published:  10 Oct 2022