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Zveřejněno:  7 Nov 2023

Creative FLIP organises conference to showcase its results

Register to attend the “FLIP forward: Culture & Creativity Beyond Boundaries” conference in Brussels.

building of Les ateliers des tanneurs, Brussels

On 15 November 2023, Creative FLIP organises a conference at Atelier des Tanneurs, in Brussels.

FLIP forward: Culture & Creativity Beyond Boundaries will be an opportunity for participants from various cultural and creative sectors to exchange ideas about the achievements of the project and the next steps.

The conference will showcase the main results that the Creative FLIP Project produced in the past two years. Among the main outputs is the CreativesUnite platform, which has been created by organisation in the cultural and creative sectors, at the initiative of the European Commission. It gathers in one place all initiatives, information and tools related to the cultural and creative sectors in the EU and beyond.

On the platform Creative FLIP has developed several useful tools to help cultural and creative sectors:

Thematic spotlights have been added to the platform on Ukraine, on “greening cultural and creative sectors” and on “the future of work”.

What is Creative FLIP?

Creative FLIP stands for “Finance, Learning, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights for the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI)”.

It is a pilot project of the European Union, carried out by the European Commission, with a consortium led by the Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), IDEA Consult, 3s, and IPIL (Institut de la propriété intellectuelle Luxembourg).

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Zveřejněno:  7 Nov 2023