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Day of European Authors

The Day of European Authors is an initiative that celebrates and helps the younger generation to explore the great diversity of European literature.
Various figures from literature in miniature on top of a book with the EU stars

This initiative empowers students to participate in activities such as meeting authors, learning about the process of publishing, and sharing their experiences.

The first edition of the Day of European Authors took place on 27 March 2023. It was a successful debut, with an incredible response from over 1000 schools.

Mark your calendars for the second edition, which will take place on 25 March 2024 and will include participation from all Creative Europe countries.

Empowering younger generations through reading

Books are tools of empowerment, education, and creativity. Through this initiative, the EU encourages the younger generation to reconnect to the world of books. The Day of European Authors also enables youth to engage with ongoing social and personal challenges.

This day is only one example of cultural and creative programming that encourages the books and publishing sector. It acts as a platform to promote ongoing programmes and initiatives already running in individual EU countries to promote reading.

    Day of European Authors 2024

    The second edition of the Day of European Authors will take place on 25 March 2024.

    Activities will include

    1. reading sessions in schools
    2. tour of European authors
    3. day of European authors conference

    Reading sessions in schools

    Authors or popular personalities across Europe will participate and engage with secondary schools in read aloud sessions through the eTwinning community – a European Commission initiative that connects secondary schools across the EU – and other channels.

    Tour of European authors

    The Commission organises a tour of European authors. These authors visit schools, libraries, and various bookstores, and read and have discussions about their works. This is an interactive way for students to discover new authors from across Europe.

    A conference on reading promotion

    The European Commission is organising a conference on reading promotion in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 25-26 March 2024. More information on this conference will follow.

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