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European Heritage Label - 2021 Panel Report

The 2021 Report offers the evaluation of the candidate sites, as well as a general evaluation of the first decade of the European Heritage Label Action in order to propose some suggestions and recommendations for the next one, which will definitely be decisive because of the challenges imposed by the increasing number of the sites, the growing acclaim of the EHL Action and the hopefully increasing coherence of the EHL Network.

The final part of this Report contains the updated guidelines to prepare a robust EHL proposal and facts and figures about the EHL Action and the current sites. The guidelines are composed and regularly revised, because the Panel is dedicated to encourage more Members States and more communities to propose candidate sites, which are interpreted in compliance with the Decision No 1194/2011/EU and bring together the different levels of European identity building (European, national, regional and local) in a reflective and harmonious unity of diversity. The Panel thanks all the sites for making substantial efforts to bridge these levels and for sharing their European stories in order to provide eminent heritage experiences to all.

Download the 2021 Report from the EU's Publications Office.