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Published:  13 Jul 2021

Commission publishes new call for proposals for the second pilot project on Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery

Open Call for proposals

The European Commission has published an open call for proposals for a second pilot project on Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery. The deadline for applications is 31 August 2021.

This action complements and builds on a first pilot project, conducting research into the provenance of Jewish-owned heritage, particularly the fate of the Adolphe Schloss Collection.

The aim of this second project is to

  • widen the thematic scope
  • extend the database to additional collections
  • use more advanced applied technology like image recognition
  • foster partnership networks.

The aim of the first project was to create a model for a comprehensive object-level database of art and other cultural objects looted by the National Socialists and their allies before and during World War II.

Eligibility, budget and timeline of the project

Activities eligible under the call include

  • research
  • database and website development
  • online collaboration and networking
  • exhibitions
  • education and training
  • awareness-raising and dissemination.

The total budget earmarked for co-financing is estimated at €490 thousand.

The indicative duration is 24 months, upon signature of the grant agreement in early 2022 at the latest.

What is provenance research and why is it important?

Provenance research is the process of documenting the chronology of the ownership, location, and chain of custody of an object from its creation to the present.

In order to facilitate this research, the exchange of expertise, knowledge and research results is required. While digitisation tools are important means of achieving these goals.

Databases, which collect and provide an overview of existing information on cultural objects, are very useful in supporting and facilitating provenance research especially since this has a strong cross-border aspect.

Provenance research is very important in protecting and promoting cultural heritage in the context of remembrance, education and cultural policy. It is also an important element in the fight against illegal trafficking of artworks and other cultural objects looted in armed conflicts and wars.


Protecting cultural heritage against diverse risks, including of looting and illicit trafficking, is among the priorities of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage and part of the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

In December 2020, European Commission Vice-President Schinas reiterated that Jewish life is and always will be part of European societies and our way of life, and announced that the Commission would present a comprehensive EU strategy on combating antisemitism in 2021, to complement and support Member States’ efforts.

Published:  13 Jul 2021