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Published:  30 Nov 2022

Council of Ministers agrees on new EU Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026

The document will shape EU cooperation on culture for the next 4 years.

On 29 November the Council of Culture Ministers of the EU adopted a Resolution on the EU Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026. Over the past few months, the Czech Presidency and the Member States, with support from the European Commission, have been working on the preparation of this new Work Plan for Culture.

It sets out priorities to address the main challenges facing the cultural and creative sectors today and corresponding actions to address them. The implementation will involve the close cooperation between the Member States, the Commission and the Presidencies of the Council.

4 priorities

The resolution focuses on 4 different but complementary priorities:

  • artists and cultural professionals: empowering the cultural and creative sectors
  • culture for the people: enhancing cultural participation and the role of culture in society
  • culture for the planet: unleashing the power of culture
  • culture for co-creative partnerships: strengthening the cultural dimension of the EU external relations

21 actions

In relation to the priority areas and working methods described in the text, the resolution sets out 21 actions covering specific issues such as:

  • the working conditions of artists
  • the role of culture for health and well-being
  • access to culture, cultural participation and democracy
  • the role of libraries
  • the sectors’ green and digital transitions
  • culture, cultural heritage and climate change
  • quality built environment
  • and international cultural relations, including Ukraine

The Work Plan’s priorities are broadly in line with the Commission’s Report on the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022 adopted last June.

Published:  30 Nov 2022