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Published:  4 Jul 2023

EU Experts publish recommendations to improve working conditions of artists and cultural and creative professionals

This report examines aspects of artists’ and creative sector professionals’ status and social security, fair practice, skills and life-long learning and artistic freedom.

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The ability of art to inspire, connect, innovate and bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together is increasingly recognised at EU and Member States’ level – not only because of the intrinsic value of culture, but also because of its proven social and economic impacts.

However, many of the artists and cultural and creative professionals who make this happen face precarious working conditions, low, irregular and unpredictable incomes, high levels of self-employment, project-based careers and a lack of legal structures.

In line with the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022, the European Commission convened an Open Method of Coordination (OMC) group between 2021 and 2023. The group was composed of experts from all EU Member States’ ministries of culture and employment/social affairs.

Main recommendations

  • Set up an EU framework for artists’ and creative professionals’ working conditions, to encourage Member States to adopt measures adapted to the specificities of artists, providing guidelines and minimum standards via a Council Recommendation or Council Conclusions for non-binding measures,
  • EU Member States should aim for specific and coherent legislation regarding artists, covering all areas of their work,
  • Public funders at EU, national and regional level should introduce terms and conditions on the use of public funding to promote fair practices,
  • Support skills development and lifelong learning,
  • Protect artistic freedom and cooperate with an EU Observatory system on the right to freedom of artistic expression.

The current EU Work Plan for Culture 2023-26 foresees further activities on this topic, such as thematic workshops, as well as an online platform on artists‘ and creative professionals’ working conditions, which will be based on data gathered by the OMC group.

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Published:  4 Jul 2023