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Published:  21 Apr 2022

EU supports Ukraine through culture

The European Commission is mobilising its instruments to support Ukrainian artists and culture professionals and to support the protection of cultural heritage.

The Ukranian flag lights up the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said:

I would like to express my full solidarity with the Ukrainian artists, creatives, culture professionals, and of course, cultural heritage and all cultural and creative sectors. They are the beating heart of Ukraine, and their work epitomises the Ukrainian history, identity, language, and hopes for the future. They are also part of our common European identity, made of a mosaic of cultures, in full respect of cultural diversity.

Read the full statement here.

Support for Ukrainian artists, cultural and creative professionals and organisations

The Commission has extended the 2022 Creative Europe cultural cooperation projects call from 31 March to 5 May 2022, to allow more Ukrainian partners to participate. In addition, the Commission will allow maximum flexibility for ongoing EU-funded projects involving Ukrainian partners.

Part of the budget of the new mobility instrument to be launched by the Creative Europe programme in 2022 will be reallocated to benefit Ukrainian artists and creative professionals.

The Commission will further encourage project proposals for 2022 culture calls to involve Ukrainian artists and organisations.

A special action for Ukraine under the Creative Europe programme will be proposed by the Commission to Member States for both Ukrainian artists and organisations in Ukraine.

“Creatives Unite”, a platform, for and by cultural and creative sectors and co-funded by the EU, is collecting and rendering public initiatives from the European networks supported through the Creative Europe programme and beyond. Cultural and creative sectors, Member States and other actors can use the platform to inform about their initiatives and responses to the crisis.

Support for the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage

The Commission will launch a dedicated action on sharing expertise and capacity building of Ukrainian professionals for the reconstruction of cultural heritage sites.

The Commission stands ready to deliver emergency equipment for the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

The EU is exploring possibilities for protection and reconstruction of destroyed Ukrainian cultural heritage under the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI).

The European Competence Centre for Cultural Heritage (4CH) has launched “Save the Ukraine Monuments”, an initiative to save the digital documentation of Ukrainian cultural heritage, to preserve its memory and support the future restoration of assets from the damages caused by the war.

The #ARTvsWAR campaign launched by the EU on 18 April is drawing attention to the destruction of cultural heritage, initiatives to preserve it and the vibrancy and resilience of Ukrainian artists, cultural professionals and citizens in general.

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Published:  21 Apr 2022