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Published:  12 Dec 2022

First grantees selected for Culture Moves Europe mobility

176 artists and cultural professionals will be able to start their cultural mobility projects travelling to another Creative Europe country.

The first grantee who travelled on 23 November 2022 from Ukraine, has already started her cultural heritage related project in Lithuania. Several others will start their project in 2022.

What we know about the successful applications

Successful applications came from 26 Creative Europe countries, in particular from Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Belgium and Ukraine including one virtual project.

Grantees selected 29 destination countries and the most popular mobility destination countries were Germany, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Finland and Portugal. Some projects will also be implemented in Ukraine Tunisia and Serbia.

Out of 7 eligible sectors, most of the selected projects are in performing and visual arts as well as in music. In the first evaluation period, there were no successful projects in the field of architecture and only a few were selected in literary translation.

In 44 projects out of 111 selected, the participants decided to travel in a more sustainable way and requested a green travel top-up. This is available for those who do not travel by plane. 25% of the selected projects were submitted by groups, up to 5 people.

Apply for the rolling call!

Congratulations to successful candidates and good luck for the future applicants! We strongly encourage artists and cultural professionals from the under-represented countries and sectors to apply!

The rolling call for individual mobility of artists and cultural professionals is open until 31 May 2023 with monthly cut-off dates. This allows applications at any time as well as monthly evaluations to ensure flexibility.

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Published:  12 Dec 2022