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Published:  23 May 2023

How Creative Europe aims to go green

A new study sets out the steps that the Creative Europe programme should take to become more sustainable and support the EU’s climate change goals.

Creative Europe programme goes green

The European Commission has been seeking insights on how to make its programmes more sustainable. In 2021, it commissioned the study “Greening the Creative Europe programme” to help achieve its objectives of fighting climate change and to support its efforts to make the Creative Europe Programme more environmental-friendly.

Cultural and creative activities can support the transition to a green economy by promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. At the same time, the programme itself will strive for carbon-neutrality by promoting sustainable means of transport and environmentally responsible behaviours.

The authors of the study worked to

  • elaborate guidance for applicants and beneficiaries
  • develop recommendations for monitoring and evaluating the green aspects of project proposals
  • collect good practices that support awareness-raising on the need for a green transition in the cultural and creative sectors
  • document the progress under the previous Creative Europe programme (2014-2020) in terms of projects that pursued sustainability goals

The Commission will work on developing capacity and knowledge in the area of greening at all levels involved in the programme implementation.

Guideline proposals

The recommendations are published in 3 documents:

The Good Environmental Practices Guide

This provides a comprehensive overview of existing good environmental practices that are recommended to actual and potential Creative Europe Programme’s beneficiaries when applying for and/or implementing supported projects.

The Creative Europe Programme Greening Strategy

The strategy identifies areas where actions are needed and puts forward recommendations on what could be practically done to make the Creative Europe Programme green in the foreseeable future.

The Creative Europe Monitoring Guide for Programme Greening

The monitoring guide proposes sustainability indicators (‘green indicators’) to measure the programmes’ progress and contribution towards the European Green Deal objectives during a period after 2027.


The European Green Deal aims to make the EU climate neutral by 2050, boost economy through green technology, create sustainable industry and transport, and cut pollution. The cultural and creative sectors must not be left behind in the green transition.

The 2021 annual work programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe Programme foresaw a study to look into ways how environmental, sustainable and proportional measures can be effectively and efficiently introduced in the Creative Europe actions. The results of the study are those presented in this report.

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Published:  23 May 2023