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Published:  7 Jan 2022

Perform Europe: 19 projects to reimagine international touring

The Perform Europe Jury selected 19 projects that aim to test innovative, more inclusive and sustainable performing arts touring and distribution models.

The Perform Europe Jury, composed of a balanced and diverse group of 11 accomplished performing arts professionals selected the 19 projects out of a total of 1327 applications.

508 of these applications were selected to be featured on the Perform Europe digital platform and participate in the project’s development phase which was a series of events offering networking, pitching and matchmaking, learning and mentoring opportunities. As a result, 150 partnerships submitted their proposals in the second application step.

The Jury has selected the most outstanding projects that will receive support to test their innovative models and practices until June 2022.

These projects are 19 partnerships composed of performing arts producers and presenters from across all disciplines of the performing arts sector.

These are some of the goals of the project

The 19 Perform Europe projects will

  • bring high quality works to rural areas
  • involve local artists and participants
  • empower voices of migrant artists and communities
  • use slow travel as a framework to create and show work
  • reduce carbon-intensive practices
  • refocus on experiences of nature and the body
  • bridge the gap between audiences and artists with disabilities
  • use technology to involve communities
  • bring artistic work to new places using apps and virtual reality
  • promote queer, feminist, decolonial, migrant, human-centered artist-led, and ecological initiatives


Launched in January 2021, the Perform Europe project aims to test innovative international touring models. It also aims to rethink cross-border distribution of performing arts works in a sustainable, inclusive and balanced way, including through the use of digital tools.

Perform Europe is fully funded by Creative Europe with a budget of €2.25 million for 18 months.

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Published:  7 Jan 2022