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Published:  5 Jul 2024

Perform Europe selects 42 partnership projects touring 63 sustainable performing arts works

The Creative Europe action promoting sustainable touring in the performing arts sectors has awarded €2.1 million in grants.

Perform Europe, the Creative Europe action promoting sustainable touring in the performing arts sector, is starting its second chapter. 

On 1 July 2024, €2.1 million were awarded in grants to 42 outstanding projects touring 63 performing arts works spanning 196 partners. They will reimagine sustainable touring in the performing arts across countries participating in the Creative Europe programme. 

Selected Projects: Sustainable, green, fair, inclusive, and diverse

The 42 projects were selected from a total of 435 applications to test and develop new ways to run touring and partnerships across Creative Europe countries.

The selected projects demonstrate the power of performing arts to drive social change, promote diversity and inclusivity, ensure access to all audiences, and address pressing global issues. 

They bring forward artist-led perspectives on several issues including environment, feminism, migration, LGBTQI+, youth and rural areas while promoting artists and audiences with special needs. These projects stand as a testament to the transformative potential of artistic collaboration in the Creative Europe community.

In addition, 13% of the total fund will be allocated to projects supporting the Ukrainian performing arts sector.


Each partnership project will receive a grant, based on its scale as follows:

  • small size grant € 12 000,
  • medium size grant € 2000
  • large size grant € 6000

About Perform Europe

Perform Europe emerged as the European Union’s answer to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the performing arts’ sectors and professionals. Renewed as a permanent action of the programme in 2023, Perform Europe continues to support innovative, green, inclusive, and fair ways to produce and tour performing arts works. Perform Europe is co-funded by Creative Europe with a budget of € 3 million for 36 months.

The action tests innovative international touring models. It also aims to rethink cross-border distribution of performing arts works in a sustainable, inclusive, fair, and balanced way, including through the use of digital tools.

The action sets a particular focus on reaching underrepresented professionals – those who usually do not take part in and benefit from cross-border distribution of performing arts.

In the context of Perform Europe, performing arts include theatre, dance, circus and street arts, puppetry and performance. Music is not included, except musical theatre.

The International network for contemporary performing arts (IETM) leads the consortium implements this new Creative Europe action. 

The consortium’s members are:

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Published:  5 Jul 2024