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Gepubliceerd op:  12 Jul 2023

Culture Moves Europe individual mobility: more than 1800 beneficiaries selected

Artists and cultural professionals from 40 countries have been selected in the first call for individual mobility to implement their cultural mobility projects travelling to another Creative Europe country.

Geographical distribution of the grantees

Successful applications came from 40 Creative Europe countries, in particular from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine (including 4 virtual projects), Belgium and the Netherlands.

The overall number of beneficiaries is relatively proportionate to the size of the countries’ population. Beneficiaries selected 38 countries to implement their projects and the most popular mobility destination were Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

The most popular sectors participating: visual and performing arts, music

During the first 8 months of its implementation, Culture Moves Europe ensured a representation of all the creative and cultural sectors among which the sectors of architecture, design and fashion design, and literary translation were less represented in terms of the number of applications.

On the contrary, visual arts and performing arts followed by music correspond to nearly 85% of all applications submitted.

How beneficiaries used additional funding

766 successful applicants (corresponding to 42,5% of selected applicants)  have requested green top up funding to travel in a more sustainable way.

315 selected applicants have requested the family top-up, 37 grantees are travelling to or from the Overseas Countries and Territories or the Outermost Regions of the EU, and 28 have requested the visa top-up. 18 selected applicants have received additional funding to cover costs for their special mobility needs in relation to a disability.

Culture Moves Europe calls return in autumn

Congratulations to successful candidates and good luck for future applicants!

If you were not successful in your previous application, you can still apply again. We strongly encourage artists and cultural professionals from the under-represented countries and sectors to apply.

The new rolling call for individual mobility of artists and cultural professionals will open in October 2023.

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Gepubliceerd op:  12 Jul 2023