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This funding opportunity supports projects that will translate, publish, distribute and promote works of fiction. It supports the following objectives

  • strengthening the transnational circulation and diversity of European literary works
  • reaching new audiences for European literature in the EU and beyond
  • strengthening the competitiveness of the book sector

Small-scale projects can propose translations of up to 10 different books.

Medium-scale projects can propose translations of up to 20 different books.

Large-scale projects can propose translation of at least 21 different books.

Total budget
€2.44 billion
2021 - 2027
Grant / loan size
From €100.000 to €300.000
Who can apply
Applicants must be legal organisations established and officially registered in an eligible country, and be active in the publishing and book sector.
Applicants must have had a legal existence for at least 2 years on the date of the deadline for submission of applications.
The maximum EU funding rate is set to 60%.
No. of partners needed
At least 1
Name of the programme or initiative
Type of support
How to access
Calls for proposals
Total initiative budget
Circulation of European literary works - call 2021 for reference: €5 million. Small scale projects will represent tentatively 30% of the overall budget
Sector count
Organisation count
Need count