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Re-imagine Europe project

Related priority: A new push for European democracy


The very fabric of democracy

When art, technology and science meet, the sparks of creativity start to fly, throwing up new ideas that may challenge the accepted view of the way things should be. This is the very fabric of democracy.

Re-imagine Europe is a vibrant project implemented by ten cultural organisations, with support from the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme. Its aim is to reach out to new audiences and encourage reflections on some of the social and political challenges that threaten to draw European nations apart, such as nationalism, climate change and migration.

By using digital technologies, the project also empowers a young generation of digitally connected Europeans, fostering their curiosity and desire to shape their own futures.

Re-imagine Europe covers the fields of digital art, music, film and video. Artists working with project partners are deeply interested in social issues, as well as the connections between art and science.

Through its residencies, the project encourages transnational mobility, while offering opportunities for collaboration between partners, and enabling emerging artists to work alongside established professionals.

The project has facilitated large-scale international co-productions, like Time Time Time, as well as workshops, such as Factory of Sound, a 3-month weekly experience for 8-11 year-olds, encouraging them to improvise, even using their own voices and bodies as instruments, while gaining experience with audio equipment.


Project partners are very different, yet share common values and an urgency to respond to the social and political challenges we face today via cutting-edge and avantgarde art.The vibrant dialogue between the partners has created a platform of exchange and trust that has contributed to a wide community of engaged artists and curious audiences.

Annette WolfsbergerProject Coordinator

Started: 01 October 2017 - Ended: 30 September 2021

Project Reference: 583839-CREA-1-2017-1-NL-CULT-COOP2

EU Grant: 2,000,000 EUR

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