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Published:  21 Sep 2023

What to expect from Creative Europe in 2024

The focus of the programme is still the support of the sectors after the COVID-19 crisis and the repercussions of the war in Ukraine. Transitioning the sectors towards sustainability and inclusiveness is also a priority.

Creative Europe 2023 Annual Work Programme announcement

The 2024 Creative Europe Work Programme comes with a budget of more than €320 million. Creative Europe remains committed to addressing the evolving needs of the cultural and creative sectors.

The 2024 priorities

Support to Ukraine

In 2024, the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors will continue to receive increased support from the culture strand. ‘Support to the Ukraine' become one of the priorities of the European Cooperation candidates can select in their application. With this priority, the Programme will be able to support ‘on-the-ground’ initiatives and foster cooperation between Ukrainian and EU creative organisations.

Ukraine continues to participate partially in the MEDIA strand, therefore Ukrainian professionals will still be eligible for training projects. Ukrainian organisations will continue to be eligible under calls for proposals on festivals, markets and film education as well as the MEDIA stand in major European industry events.

Under the Cross-sectoral strand, Ukrainian organisations can join supported news media consortia.

Gender balance and greening

Actions of the programme will further enable progress on inclusion and diversity, in particular gender balance.

The Greening of Creative Europe is another priority for 2024, so that it can contribute to the target of 30% of the Union budget expenditures supporting climate objectives.

Culture strand

In 2024, the European Commission will publish new calls for the

  • European cooperation projects
  • circulation of European literary works

The Commission will also publish multi-annual calls (4 years) for the

The new agreements will increase financial support to the networks and allocate a larger budget to the platform action, with the goal of funding one additional platform for emerging artists.

Culture Moves Europe, the mobility action of Creative Europe will also continue providing support for the transnational mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

The Day of European Authors, former Commissioner Mariya Gabriel's initiative, will be integrated into the Creative Europe Programme as a permanent action from 2024 onwards. The event's second edition is scheduled for 25 March 2024, and it will be celebrated in all 40 countries associated with the programme.

MEDIA strand

In 2024, some MEDIA grants have been adapted to meet the changing needs in the sector.

Content cluster

Companies will be allowed to apply to more than one development call per year, so that these would have a broader portfolio to choose from for their funding opportunities.

The European Commission want to incentivise applications from bigger projects by changing the eligibility criteria for support to video games and immersive content.

Audience cluster

The Commission also adapted the eligibility criteria for the European VOD networks and operators grant to encourage applications from smaller, independent VOD services. This, in the context of intense competition with global players and broadcasters.

Business cluster

The Markets & Networking scheme will respond to the increased need for industry networking and cooperation at events brought about by a shift to increased acquisitions online .

Policy cluster

The European Commission will fund the second edition of the European Media Outlook report to continue monitoring the key trends driving change in EU media markets.

It will also

  • develop the MediaInvest equity investment platform
  • contribute to greening of the audiovisual sector through relevant support schemes
  • support media literacy actions
  • facilitate cooperation within the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA)

Cross-sectoral strand

In 2024, the European Commission will revamp the Creative Innovation Lab grants to encourage innovative approaches to content creation, access, distribution, and promotion across CCS and with other sectors.

It will provide support to the news media sector adaptation to structural and technological changes through

  • Journalism Partnerships
  • the European Media Ownership Monitor
  • Media Literacy projects
  • Creative Innovation Labs

Find information about funding opportunities

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Published:  21 Sep 2023