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Culture and Creativity

Pan-European Cultural Entities

This new action of the Creative Europe programme aims to support cultural entities – such as orchestras – with a large geographical reach, whose aim is to offer training, professionalization and performance opportunities for young, highly talented artists.

Supporting the reach of young audiences through live events and digital technology

This action will fund participating organisations to provide support for young artists and give them the chance to develop and showcase their talents regularly.  Reaching young audiences via live performance and digital tools is a major goal.

The organisations will need to adopt a rigorous and inclusive approach for the recruitment of young artists. The recruitment should also ensure that the artists involved in these projects are nationals/residents from at least 20 countries participating in the Creative Europe programme.

Eligibility for funding

At this stage, this action will target organisations that will support European young and highly talented musicians in the field of orchestras. Organisations that train young, highly talented artists to become professional, and that organise and promote performances with a special aim to attract young European audiences, are eligible to apply.

Learn more about the application process

Find more information on the Pan-European Cultural Entities and other calls for proposals under the Creative Europe programme’s Culture strand.

More detailed information on the application process will be available in due time on the website of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency, as well as in the calls for proposal section and through the Creative Europe Desks.

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