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This pilot project will create a space that aims to provide policy makers and stakeholders with information on the metaverse as well as fostering the discussion community of policy makers, academia and stakeholders, thereby realising a sound, sustainable and free from bias development of the metaverse in the EU. The pilot project aims at being a trustworthy knowledge base about the metaverse by several activities including (i) publication of the analysis of the technological and policy trends; (ii) collecting information across the EU and the world; and (iii) workshops around thematic topics where acting at EU level could be required or could have an impact. The expected results of the pilot project are not only developing a better understanding on the implications of this technology, that contributes to build a fit-for-purpose policy approach to the metaverse, but also fostering and developing the community of policy makers academia and stakeholders to discuss the way to realise sound, sustainable metaverses and free from bias metaverse.

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