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Culture and Creativity

S+T+ARTS is a platform that aims to linking technology and artistic practice more closely in order to address the Europe’s social, environmental and economic challenges facing Europe. It supports the development of more creative, inclusive and sustainable technologies through the collaboration between artists, scientists, engineers and researchers. It is centred around the idea that art, science and technology can benefit with the from sharing of perspectives and opening up new pathways for research and business.

Through its different pillars, S+T+ARTS offers:

The Social Investment and Skills window facilitates: development of skills and key competences; the matching, deployment and higher skills utilisation through education, training, including on-the-job training and related activities. The window also supports projects involving social innovation, health services, ageing and long-term care, access to prevention, innovative treatments and e-health options, inclusion and accessibility, and cultural and creative activities with a social goal.

The Invest EU SME window facilitates access to and availability of finance primarily for SMEs and small mid-cap companies, including innovative ones and those operating in the cultural and creative sectors, as well as for small mid-cap companies. In addition, it offers capital support to SMEs that were not in difficulty in State aid terms already at the end of 2019, but since then face significant risks due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Projects promote mobility activities for:

  • Learners: pupils, students, trainees, apprentices, young people, adult learners;
  • Staff: professors, teachers, trainers, youth workers, and people working in organisations active in the education, training and youth fields;

Projects mainly aim to support learners in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes, including language competences.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme, allowing aspiring young entrepreneurs to work with and learn from more experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other countries.

This funding opportunity supports projects within the cultural and creative sectors. A broad range of activities and initiatives, and a wide range of applicants can be supported. Support is for projects involving transnational cultural cooperation, and which contribute to strengthening the creation and circulation of European artworks and artists transnationally. There is also a focus on funding projects which support the European cultural and creative sectors to nurture talent to innovate, to prosper and to generate jobs and growth.

Directive (EU) 2019/790 on Copyright in the Digital Single Market has introduced an EU-wide exception that allows libraries to digitise their collections for preservation purposes only, and as such does not permit further distribution or uses of the content like its making available online. Whereas Member States had to transpose this Directive by June 2021, an updated mapping of the national measures having a bearing on the libraries’ services in relation to their collections would help in Union broadening the knowledge base of the problems reported for further policy considerations.

This pilot project will create a space that aims to provide policy makers and stakeholders with information on the metaverse as well as fostering the discussion community of policy makers, academia and stakeholders, thereby realising a sound, sustainable and free from bias development of the metaverse in the EU.

NFTs have use-cases across all industries: from digital identity protection (giving individuals full control over which information to share with whom) to the Internet of Things (as a device authenticator) and the creative sectors (providing liquidity in auctions and in the art, music, fashion, and gaming sectors). Since virtually anything that can be digitised can be turned into an NFT, NFTs can play a key role in the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights by providing inventors, researchers, and creators with a unique digital certificate of IP rights referenced in the distributed

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