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S+T+ARTS is driven by the idea that science and technology combined with an artistic viewpoint delivers valuable perspectives for research and business. Recent STARTS projects address the use of AI-systems and High-Performance computing for use cases such as media, disinformation, XR environments, climate change, food security, urban development, factory automation etc. through a number of dedicated sub-projects. In light of the continuing digitalisation of society, STARTS provides a holistic and human-centred approach.

Through its different pillars, S+T+ARTS offers:

  • Residencies that deepen knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Academies focused on bridging the gap between the arts and technology through education
  • Regional centres intended to expand the initiative at the local level
  • Thematic pilots and prizes which support radically innovative technologies developed in collaboration with artists and focused on contemporary challenges
Total budget
€95.5 billion for Horizon Europe
2021 - 2027
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The eligibility criteria for each actions will be specified in the text of the call.
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