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Culture and Creativity

Public consultation on the Culture programme


Consultation on a future EU Culture programme



Policy field(s)


Period of Consultation

15/09/2010 to 15/12/2010

Target group(s)

The consultation was open to individual citizens, public and private bodies, local/regional authorities, ministries and relevant stakeholders in the field of culture both inside and outside the EU and in the European institutions and associations.

Objective of the consultation

The objective of the consultation was to gather input on the next incarnation of the culture programme, post 2013, notably its objectives, activities, and the types of support provided.

The online consultation was part of a wider consultation, responses to which were taken into account in the Commission's proposal for a new culture programme.


Consultation document

Background document


Number of responses received to this consultation

Over 1,000 responses were submitted from a variety of organisations and individuals.

View the contributions from:

The responses to the consultation are divided into categories, according to whether they are public authorities, organisations active at an EU-level, or other organisations. The lists can be accessed from the tabs above.

The files are also available in consolidated zip files below:

Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (192 kb)Austria

Kulturamt der Stadt Graz (142 kb)Austria

Kulturabteilung der Stadt Salzburg (70 kb)Austria

Kulturausschuss der Stadt Baden (69 kb)Austria

Kultur Kontakt Austria (74 kb)Austria

Asbl Association des Centres culturels de la Communauté française (69 kb)Belgium

Asspropro (Association des Programmateurs Professionnels) (84 kb)Belgium

Centre Culturel de l'arrondissement de Huy (70 kb)Belgium

Cultural Contact Point Belgium (Flemish Community) (71 kb)Belgium

Eurocities (79 kb)Belgium

Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (69 kb)Belgium

Institut umění – Divadelní ústav (IDU) - Czech Cultural Contact Point (80 kb)Czech Republic

The National Museum of Denmark (70 kb)Denmark

Danmarks Biblioteksforening (73 kb)Denmark

Direktor Museum August Kestner Hannover (69 kb)Estonia

Cultural Contact Point Finland, Centre for International Mobility CIMO (83 kb)Finland

Association des Maires de Grandes Villes de France (100 kb)France

CFMI Centre de formation des musiciens (70 kb)France

Chambre de Métiers du Val d'Oise (71 kb)France

Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg (71 kb)France

Fédération des MJC Bretagne (70 kb)France

Pays de la Loire (71 kb)France

Région Poitou-Charentes (71 kb)France

Représentation Permanente de la France auprès de l'UE (139 kb)France

Théâtre National de Bretagne (76 kb)France

Ville de Strasbourg/City of Strasbourg (78 kb)France

Arbeitsgruppe Kultur und Medien der Fraktion der SPD im Deutschen Bundestag (77 kb)Germany

Bundesrepublik Deutschland Gemeinsame Beantwortung durch Bund und Länder (93 kb)Germany

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle (71 kb)Germany

Der Regierenede Bürgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei - Kulturelle Angelegenheiten (88 kb)Germany

Landschaftsverband Rheinland (73 kb)Germany

Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Kulturamt (71 kb)Germany

Ministry of Culture and Media Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (71 kb)Germany

Stadt Würzburg, Fachbereich Kultur (72 kb)Germany

Stadt Bielefeld - Feuerwehramt - Feuerwehr-Museum Bielefeld (71 kb)Germany

Municipal Entreprise for Culture of Keratsini - Panteion University of Athens (70 kb)Greece

Assessorato Alla Cultura Comune Di Ravenna (70 kb)Italy

Comune di Reggio Emilia (Municipality of Reggio Emilia) (70 kb)Italy

Cultural Contact Point Latvia (72 kb)Latvia

Cultural Contact Point Latvia (72 kb)Latvia

Culture Contact Point Lithuania - The International Cultural Programme Centre (75 kb)Lithuania

Association.artetculture (71 kb)Luxembourg

Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (71 kb)Luxembourg

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (852 kb)Netherlands

Taalunie (78 kb)Netherlands

Riksantikvaren, Directorate for Cultural Heritage (69 kb)Norway

Cultural Contact Point Poland (88 kb)Poland

Department of International Relations Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (151 kb)Poland

National Audiovisual Institute, Warsaw (69 kb)Poland

Maison de la culture (Mairie de la ville de Negresti Oas) (69 kb)Romania

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba (71 kb)Spain

Canary Islands Government (81 kb)Spain

Gobierno Autonómico Principado de Asturias (69 kb)Spain

Municipality of Gotland (75 kb)Sweden

Cultural Contact Point Sweden / Swedish Art Council (75 kb)Sweden

Swedish Arts Council (75 kb)Sweden

Västra Götalandsregionen (82 kb)Sweden

Arts Council England (74 kb)United Kingdom

British Library (75 kb)United Kingdom

Creative Scotland (70 kb)United Kingdom

National Trust for Places of Historic Interest and Natural Beauty (80 kb)United Kingdom

Arts Council of Northern Ireland (77 kb)United Kingdom

Arts Council of Wales/Wales Arts International (90 kb)United Kingdom

British WaterwaysWatford (73 kb)United Kingdom

Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (Northern Ireland) (77 kb)United Kingdom

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (115 kb)United Kingdom

English Heritage (72 kb)United Kingdom

Essex County Council (76 kb)United Kingdom

Minister for Culture and External Affairs The Scottish Government (1115 kb)United Kingdom

The Welsh Assembly Government (593 kb)United Kingdom

Office Fédéral de la Culture (National authority) (71 kb)Switzerland

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) (1429 kb)Other

European Association of Artist Managers (73 kb)Austria

Europäische Mozart Wege - European Mozart Ways (69 kb)Austria

Eurozine (78 kb)Austria

KUPF - Kulturplattform Oberösterreich (75 kb)Austria

Alice Production (70 kb)Belgium

Community Media Forum Europe (83 kb)Belgium

Conseil Européen des Associations de Traducteurs Littéraires (80 kb)Belgium

Culture Action Europe (96 kb)Belgium

European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (70 kb)Belgium

European Forum for Architectural Policies (76 kb)Belgium

European University College Association (74 kb)Belgium

European Festivals Association (99 kb)Belgium

European Booksellers Federation (79 kb)Belgium

European Booksellers Federation and Federation of European Publishers (55 kb)Belgium

Eurolang (72 kb)Belgium

Euromonde (77 kb)Belgium

The European Writers' Council (85 kb)Belgium

Federation of European Publishers (84 kb)Belgium

Fédération Internationale des Acteurs (85 kb)Belgium

Federation of European Film Directors (69 kb)Belgium

Forum Européen des Politiques Architecturales (2954 kb)Belgium

GIART International Organisation of Performing Artists (97 kb)Belgium

International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (107 kb)Belgium

Independent Music Companies Association (93 kb)Belgium

International Confederation of Music Publishers (385 kb)Belgium

Intercultural Europe and Culture Action Europe (1295 kb)Belgium

International Video Federation (70 kb)Belgium

Museum Dr. Guislain (70 kb)Belgium

Pearle (121 kb)Belgium

Platform for Intercultural Europe (78 kb)Belgium

International network for cultural diversity (76 kb)Belgium

SABAM (72 kb)Belgium

European Fashion Council (134 kb)Bulgaria

The European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities (74 kb)Denmark

European Council of Artists (77 kb)Denmark

Finnish Literature Exchange (70 kb)Finland

Europe Jazz Network (79 kb)Finland

Association Départementale de Développement de la Musique et de la Danse dans l'Aude (69 kb)France

European Association of enterprises for heritage restoration (71 kb)France

Assembly of European Regions (128 kb)France

Association des Centres culturels de rencontre (97 kb)France

Association Fusart l'Art de l'Entreprise (73 kb)France

Association Air Libre (70 kb)France

CCNFC-Belfort (69 kb)France

Ecole supérieure de danse et Compagnie Ballets Jazz Serge Alzetta (73 kb)France

European Theatre Convention (93 kb)France

European Society for Mathematics and Arts (74 kb)France

International federation of film distributors associations (73 kb)France

Margose Festival (69 kb)France

Maison des cultures du monde (70 kb)France

PROFEDIM (73 kb)France

Relais Culture Europe (114 kb)France

Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (95 kb)France

Syndicat National des Entreprises artistiques et culturelles (105 kb)France

Syndicat français des artistes-interprètes (76 kb)France

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine e.V. (72 kb)Germany

Deutsche Orchestervereinigung e. V. (75 kb)Germany

Deutsches Film Institut/Asso. Cinémathèques Européennes (73 kb)Germany

European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (83 kb)Germany

EMC - IMC (98 kb)Germany

EuroConsults (79 kb)Germany

Föderalistische Union Europäischer Volksgruppen (71 kb)Germany

HALMA Network (77 kb)Germany

Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V. (89 kb)Germany

Roots and Routes International Association (70 kb)Germany

Richard-Wagner-Museum (69 kb)Germany

Prisma Electronics SA (70 kb)Greece

Regional Observatory on Financing Culture in East-Central Europe - The Budapest Observatory (77 kb)Hungary

Kâva Kulturâlis Műhely Egyesület Kâva Drama (69 kb)Hungary

Associazione Culturale Perypezye Urbane (92 kb)Italy

Agora' Mediapolis un Mondo d'Italiani (69 kb)Italy

Centro Teseo, Creatività tra Arte e Scienza (69 kb)Italy

Fondazione-Museo Plart (70 kb)Italy

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro Milano (70 kb)Italy

Klat magazine (69 kb)Italy

Klat magazine (70 kb)Italy

European Historic House Association (70 kb)Italy

Centro Europeo Teatro e Carcere cooperativa sociale arl (76 kb)Italy

Union of European Historic Houses Association (75 kb)Belgium

European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (84 kb)Netherlands

Europa Nostra (87 kb)Netherlands

European Association of History Educators (73 kb)Netherlands

European Federation of National Institutions for Language (76 kb)Netherlands

European Cultural Foundation (91 kb)Netherlands

ELIA - artschools (92 kb)Netherlands

Réseau Européen des Centres Internationaux de Traduction Littéraire (74 kb)Netherlands

North Sea Commission (74 kb)Norway

DORFEU (76 kb)Portugal

Danube.EDU Association (69 kb)Romania

Slovak Association of Artistic Translators (70 kb)Slovakia

Artemovimiento (73 kb)Spain

Fundacion Don Quijote (69 kb)Spain

JAS Arqueología S.L.U. (79 kb)Spain

Sonicas (76 kb)Spain

SalasdeConciertos (76 kb)Spain

Docultura (72 kb)Spain

Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals (71 kb)Sweden

Chamber Orchestra of Europe (71 kb)United Kingdom

European Opera Centre Trust (82 kb)United Kingdom

Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (82 kb)United Kingdom

Creativity, Culture and Education (78 kb)United Kingdom

Changing Room – Practics – Space (289 kb)Other

Institute for Cultural Policy and Cultural Management (76 kb)Austria

IG Kultur Vorarlberg - Interessensgemeinschaft für autonome Kulturarbeit (78 kb)Austria

IG Kultur Österreich - Interessensgemeinschaft der freien Kulturarbeit (83 kb)Austria

KulturratÖsterreich (70 kb)Austria

Kulturvernetzung NÖ (100 kb)Austria

Künstlerhaus GesmbH (69 kb)Austria

Tanzquartier Wien GmbH (79 kb)Austria

übersetzergemeinschaftor Austrian Association of Literary and Scientific Translators (79 kb)Austria

BL!NDMAN vzw (69 kb)Belgium

Clubcircuit vzw (74 kb)Belgium

Court Circuit (75 kb)Belgium

Centre Culturel Local de Sivry-Rance (72 kb)Belgium

Centre Culturel Ourthe et Meuse (71 kb)Belgium

Iles asbl (70 kb)Belgium

Théâtre Company Fast Forward (71 kb)Belgium

Theater op de Markt/INSITU (69 kb)Belgium

Théâtre de la Place (69 kb)Belgium

Théâtre de la Place (69 kb)Belgium

Obec překladatelů (74 kb)Czech Republic

Spillesteder (75 kb)Denmark

Foreningen af Små Teatre (69 kb)Denmark

Passion in Motion (73 kb)Finland

Hanasaari – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre (72 kb)Finland

4 Ecluses (77 kb)France

ArLésiE (69 kb)France

Association Europe Mosaiques Nord Pas de Calais (73 kb)France

Association Filles en Tropiques (69 kb)France

Association H/F Íle-de-France (74 kb)France

Bureau 31 (68 kb)France

Centre Social et Culturel Thionville (69 kb)France

Chateau Latour Daigues (69 kb)France

Compagnie Ariadne (69 kb)France

Cross-Media Culture (69 kb)France

Diaphane (69 kb)France

Digital Performance (75 kb)France

Editions Circe (69 kb)France

Europe Option Plus (69 kb)France

Fédération des Employeurs du Spectacle Vivant Public et Privé (69 kb)France

Ilots de résistance (70 kb)France

Institut français des instruments à vent (69 kb)France

L'Alhambra CineMarseille - Pôle Régional d'Education Artistique au cinéma (73 kb)France

Le Tas de Sable - Ches Panses Vertes (76 kb)France

Le Tas de Sable - Ches Panses Vertes (71 kb)France

Le Tas de Sable - Ches Panses Vertes (72 kb)France

La Compagnie Caravelle (69 kb)France

Loueur d'Etoiles (76 kb)France

Jeunes Talents (72 kb)France

La Cigale de Nyons (78 kb)France

L'Autre Théâtre (70 kb)France

Lieux Publics (75 kb)France

Musique en chantier (72 kb)France

Musique & Santé (70 kb)France

ODIA Normandie (70 kb)France

PASSAGES (69 kb)France

Union du spectacle et de la Variété (528 kb)France

Saltimbank (69 kb)France

Théâtre du Parc - Andrezieux-Boutheon (76 kb)France

Union Générale Arménienne de Bienfaisance (72 kb)France

Alba Kultur (72 kb)Germany

artscenico e.V. (73 kb)Germany

Bundesarchitektenkammer e.V. (81 kb)Germany

Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbuettel e.V. (69 kb)Germany

Bundesarbeitskreis, Arbeit und Leben e.V. (78 kb)Germany

COMOEDIA MUNDI e.V. (71 kb)Germany

German Museums Association (71 kb)Germany

Deutscher Bibliotheksverband dbv (86 kb)Germany

Deutscher Harmonika-Verband, Landesverband Bayern e. V. (73 kb)Germany

Deutsches Erdölmuseum Wietze (71 kb)Germany

Förderverein Erholungsgebiet Petersberg e.V. (75 kb)Germany

Gemeindebibliothek Blankenfelde - Mahlow Heike Richter (69 kb)Germany

Genossenschaft Deutscher Bühnen-Angehöriger (70 kb)Germany

Kinder-Leseclub e.V. (70 kb)Germany

Kreismuseum Bitterfeld (72 kb)Germany

Kulturkreis Walddörfer e.V. (72 kb)Germany

Vogtland Kultur GmbH (74 kb)Germany

Lützenkirchen - Information & Wissen (69 kb)Germany

Museum at Stadt Abensberg (72 kb)Germany

Museum für Zeitgeschichte (71 kb)Germany

Museum Quintana - Archäologie in Künzing (71 kb)Germany

Sächsisches Industriemuseum Chemnitz (70 kb)Germany

Schwäbisches Volkskundemuseum Oberschönenfeld (73 kb)Germany

Schloẞ Wernigerode GmbH (73 kb)Germany

Spielmotor München e.V.H (69 kb)Germany

Staatliches Museum Schwerin - Kunstsammlungen Schlösser und Gärten (71 kb)Germany

Übersee-Museum Bremen (74 kb)Germany

Volksmusik (73 kb)Germany

Zentralverband Des Deutschen Handwerks (101 kb)Germany

Zentralverband Des Deutschen Handwerks (97 kb)Germany

Pontian and Asian Minor Society of Kariochori (72 kb)Greece

Rákóczi Foundation, Budapest (71 kb)Hungary

Káva Drama - Theatre in Education Association (69 kb)Hungary

Forlagid Publishers, Reykjavik (71 kb)Iceland

Library Association of Ireland (70 kb)Ireland

Associazione culturale Fabbrica Europa - Centro di creazione e produzione di cultura (73 kb)Italy

Associazione TRAMES (80 kb)Italy

Coordinamento Danza Piemonte (68 kb)Italy

Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le Arti Contemporanee (71 kb)Italy

Università degli Studi di Cagliari (69 kb)Italy

Lucia Foundation Latvia (70 kb)Latvia

Cultuur-Ondernemen (72 kb)Netherlands

Expertisecentrum Creative City Hoofd Bureau creatieve ondernemer (69 kb)Netherlands

Netherlands Library Forum (74 kb)Netherlands

Netherlands Institute for Heritage (84 kb)Netherlands

CHOREA Theatre Association (71 kb)Poland

Artistas Unidos (69 kb)Portugal

Foundation Serralves (76 kb)Portugal

Rencontres Patrimoine Europe Roumanie (70 kb)Romania

Cultural Contact Point of Romania (93 kb)Romania

Center for Urban Culture (69 kb)Slovenia

Bru Ronda Concepción (69 kb)Spain

Creacción, Asociación Cultural (74 kb)Spain

Estatutos Sellados Hacienda (4254 kb)Spain

Unidad programa y acciones Cultura - Concepción Bru Ronda (70 kb)Spain

Braunarts (73 kb)United Kingdom

Incorporated Society of Musicians (138 kb)United Kingdom

University of Surrey (71 kb)United Kingdom

Red Orange Arts Agency (69 kb)United Kingdom

Next steps

The consultation concluded with a public consultation meeting, and the presentation of the results of the consultation .

The findings led to the creation of the Culture-sub programme of the Creative Europe programme.

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