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Julkaistu:  15 Sep 2022

Creative Europe: Commission publishes call to support the live music sector

The Music Moves Europe call supports sustainable music distribution, with a focus on live music, such as livestreaming, music venue cooperation and music export.

Sziget festival

The purpose of this call is to select a consortium of at least two applicants from two eligible countries. The selected consortium should be capable of promoting competitiveness, innovation and diversity within a large number of organisations active in the European music sector. Part of the work will be to provide these organisations with financial support as well.

Prospective applicants need to include provision for two separate, but linked activities:

  1. a financial support scheme redistributing funds to third parties active in the music sector
  2. a programme of capacity-building activities benefiting the live music sector

The available budget in this call is €4.5 million and it is open until 12 January 2023.

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Julkaistu:  15 Sep 2022