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Culture and Creativity

Culture Moves Europe

Supporting cultural mobility in Europe and beyond.

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CulturEU Funding Guide

EU Funding Opportunities for the Cultural and Creative Sectors 2021-2027.

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Cultural heritage

Discover what the Commission is doing to support Member States and stakeholders to safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage.

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European elections 2024

The European elections will take place on 6-9 June 2024. As an EU citizen, you can vote in your country of origin, from abroad or in the EU country you live in.

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What the EU does for culture and the responsible departments within the Commission


Find out what cultural and creative sectors are and how the EU supports them

Funding opportunities

Find calls and funding opportunities supporting the cultural and creative sectors

European support to Ukraine’s culture and cultural heritage

The European Commission is determined to support the Ukrainian culture, cultural heritage and creative sectors and to provide assistance in these extremely challenging times.

Discover all EU support for Ukraine in the culture and creative sectors  

Actions and prizes

The European Commission supports a variety of actions, initiatives, and prizes in the culture and audiovisual sectors.

A selection of topics

  • Gender equality is a pillar of cultural diversity and culture has a key role to play in challenging stereotypes and promoting societal changes.

  • The EU is developing an integrated and people-centred approach to a sustainable built environment.

  • The European Union supports the book sector through various tools and policies from funding, dialogue and regulations.

  • The music sector is vital to safeguarding Europe’s cultural diversity and to strengthening its competitiveness.