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Culture and Creativity

Business cluster

The business cluster under the MEDIA strand of Creative Europe promotes business innovation, scalability and talents across the European audiovisual industry’s value chain.

This scaling up is needed within the audiovisual environment, given the growth of global players in the sector and the digital transformation.

Supporting competitiveness, talents and collaboration within the audiovisual industry

Specific groups that drive the internationalisation of the sector will receive targeted support to strengthen cross-border collaboration and boost learning and knowledge-sharing to allow the industry to go beyond its national territories.

Support under the business cluster will:

  • nurture audiovisual talents with activities that have a strong focus on mentoring and digital and greening skills
  • encourage business-to-business exchanges covering all parts of the value chain and aiming at global reach
  • promote transnational distribution of content across borders and platforms

Eligibility for funding

Training organisations, distributors and sales agents, tech companies, VOD services, aggregators, exhibitors, film markets, etc., are eligible to apply for funding opportunities under the business cluster.

Learn more about the application process


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