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Kynžvart Castle – Place of diplomatic meetings (Czech Republic)

Kynžvart Castle, located in the west of the Czech Republic, is surrounded by a historical park with an area of 293 hectares. In the first half of the 19th century the castle was rebuilt by the Austrian Chancellor, Prince Klemens von Metternich (1773–1859). He contributed greatly to the significant collections of the Metternich family, in particular the library of European importance including a notable collection of daguerrotypes (early photographs), and a cabinet of curiosities. The collections have remained undivided to this day and are completely accessible to the public.

The castle has been opened to the public since 1928. In 1840, it was at the centre of a diplomatic initiative, the Peace League Proposal. This proposal represented an important moment in the search for a lasting balance of power in Europe.

Due to its ownership by a very well-known historical figure, Chancellor Metternich, Kynžvart Castle was the location for many discussions and negotiations of European diplomacy. The castle represents a place of memory of European diplomacy attentive to the search for a balance between the main European States. This is the focus of the site rather than the personal involvement in history of Metternich – whose own role should be the subject of critical discussion.