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Culture and Creativity

This call will address media challenges and opportunities of trans-national nature.

It will help the wider European news media sector become more sustainable and resilient, thus contributing to trustworthy reporting, to skills development and employment for news media professionals and journalists, in particular by supporting media collaborations. This topic will support cross-cutting actions that address the structural and technological changes faced by the media sector, and support high-quality media production standards and business models by fostering cooperation, digital skills, cross-border and/or collaborative journalism. 

Expected Outcomes include:

  • Increased innovation and creativity in business models, journalistic production processes and distribution processes
  • Increased interest in journalism, among various social groups, language groups and age groups
  • Increased viability of professionally produced journalistic content.
  • Increased media collaboration
  • Sector-wide networks for the exchange of best practices among news media professionals
  • Knowledge-hubs for sub-sectors around technical formats (written/online press, radio/podcasts,TV, etc.) and/or journalistic genres (data journalism, general topics, specialised journalism, etc.)
  • Acquisition and improvement of professional skills by journalists as well as media business professionals
Total budget
€ 2.44 billion
2021 - 2027
Grant / loan size
Up to €2 million per project
Who can apply
The action is open to civil society organisations which are active in the news media sector (incl. media associations, NGOs, journalistic funds and training organisations focusing on media professionals, etc). These organisations should be in a position to set up third party support schemes targeting news media outlets, organisations and journalists, and in ways that enhance pluralistic media landscapes across the Union. Consortia are allowed.

The applicant must fulfil all of the following (if the proposal is submitted by a consortium, the following conditions should be fulfilled by at least one partner):

a. have recent proven experience in implementing media-related activities;
b. have recent proven experience in awarding and managing grants/or funds, in particular in the media sector.

Consortia may include non-profit, public and private media outlets (incl. written/online press, radio/podcasts, TV, etc) as well as other organisations focusing on news media (incl. media associations, NGOs, journalistic funds and training organisations focusing on media professionals, etc).
No. of partners needed
At least 3
Name of the programme or initiative
Type of support
How to access
Calls for proposals
Total initiative budget
€ 5 million
Sector count
Organisation count
Need count