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Culture and Creativity

Content cluster

The creation and production of high-quality content is the foundation of the European audiovisual industry.

As a reflection of European values, including its diversity, European works are recognised and rewarded on the global stage. Each year, MEDIA supports the development of over 400 European films, TV series, documentaries and videogames.

Focus on cross border cooperation

This cluster focuses on actions with a strong European added value to

  • boost cross-border cooperation among producers and content developers
  • stimulate innovation in terms of content, business models and technology

Specific supporting actions and their goals


This action enables the scaling up of audiovisual projects and to allow producers from different countries to work together at development phase.

Slate development

This action incentivises production companies to build a portfolio of 3 to 5 audiovisual works, increasing creative options and favouring quality.

Mini-slate development

This action responds to the specific needs of producers from lower capacity countries by encouraging a limited portfolio approach (2 to 3 audiovisual works).

TV and online content

This action provides opportunities to independent producers to take the initiative and pursue their own original productions.

Creative Europe MEDIA grants are awarded following competitive calls for proposals, published in the Funding & Tender opportunities portal of the European Commission. Please note that calls for proposals have submission windows and are not continuously open. The above-mentioned grants may have an annual or bi-annual frequency, interested beneficiaries should refer to the Work Programme in force to anticipate available grants.

Eligibility for funding

The following groups are eligible to apply for funding opportunities under the business cluster: training organisations, distributors and sales agents, tech companies, video on demand services, aggregators, exhibitors, film markets, etc. For further information, please consult the call for proposals.

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