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Culture and Creativity

European networks

The Europe Union cofinances 37 pan-European Networks of culture and creative organisations, under the Creative Europe programme (2021-2027). These networks support cultural organisations and professionals who contribute to strengthening the competitiveness and diversity of the European cultural and creative sectors.

European cultural networks are crucial instruments to achieving the objectives that the European Union (EU) has set for the Creative Europe programme for the 2021-2027 period.

What are the Creative Europe Networks?

Creative Europe Networks are organisations of different sizes representing thousands of members from individuals to national and regional organisations working in the cultural and creative sectors. The European Commission consults with these networks concerning the design and implementation of the EU’s culture policy.

With their help, the Creative Europe programme aims to strengthen the cultural and creative sectors, offering training and development opportunities. It provides a platform to exchange ideas and spread information about projects and best practices.

Below you will find the list of the 37 European Networks cofinanced under the Creative Europe programme grouped by the following sectors:


Creative Europe Networks


Book and publishing


Cultural heritage


Performing arts

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